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September 09, 2009


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Account Deleted

Hello! I am a SPbSTU aspirant perusing a PhD in the 05.13.11 specialization.
Maybe you can help me choose a topic for my dissertation? I'm undecided.

Some broad areas of my interests include semantic web, information-retrieval and relativity, rating systems, user-adaptive systems, intention-driven systems, kinetic-typography UIs, methods for using the social graph & associations to improve usability, and a hundred more fields. They all seem exciting, but I do not have enough knowledge in any given field to find problems to research and solve and make a dissertation.

Perhaps you can help me see which areas are inline with the 05.13.11 specialization and are being actively researched. At least in semantic-web or the area of real-time web-streams. It's hard to understand which parts of it need research investments that would give a topic for dissertation or at least a paper.

By background is programming websites and different web technologies, but only for developing solutions for end-users. My master's thesis project is http://lan-crawler.sf.net which used Lucene for IR and scanned local files within a LAN.

I'll spend my time reading dissertations and trying to find the edge of science in different fields. :)

I can be reached via [email protected], gtalk, twitter/cdima.

Dmitry Sadakov


keep on bloggin' pls!

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